How to avoid prostate inflammation – Common symptoms of prostatitis

Common symptoms of prostate problems include impotence, urinary issues, pain, and discomfort. If they do not receive an adequate treatment in time, the situation can lead to the emergence of cancer. Prostacet formula combines a variety of natural ingredients to prevent those ailments and preserve the health of the male gland.

How to avoid prostate diseases through effective strategies

Prostacet is helping men around the world to control their lives and prevent prostate problems providing them a natural way to reduce the size of the gland. The main ingredient of Prostacet formula is Serenoa repens which is also known as Saw Palmetto. It has been used by indigenous tribes and Mayans for centuries to promote the health of reproductive system.

You can consider other alternatives available for the treatment of prostate diseases. However, bear in mind the side effects linked to those options. Prostacet blends herbaceous elements with verified efficacy and safety. The proportions of its constituents have been carefully selected to support a healthy prostate.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a nonmalignant enlargement of the male gland produces obstructive and irritative symptoms of the lower urinary tract (STUB). In a scientific research published on 2008 by Oxford University, 3140 men were studied for 48 weeks. The individuals who received a supply of Serenoa repens experienced relief for urinary tract symptoms and amendment in overall urine flow.

Saw Palmetto prevents the occurrence of prostate enlargement because it inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The health issue occurs due to an increase of testosterone in DHT. This herb also interferes with the release of estrogen and progesterone, hormones associated with the production of DHT.

In a controlled clinical study, 50 patients affected by benign prostatic hyperplasia received a supply 320 mg of Serenoa repens each day. Their reports were compared with the results of 44 patients who received a placebo. The group that received the herbaceous compound experienced a reduction of pain without adverse effects and improved urine flow.

Prostacet includes another active ingredient with remarkable results on the prevention of prostate problems. Lycopene acts as a powerful antioxidant by neutralizing free radicals and attenuating tissue damage. Clinical and epidemiological investigations show that this element is fundamental for the reduction of incidence of some types of cancer like those that affect lungs, prostate, and digestive tract.

A recent scientific study, published on January 2009 in “Aktuelle Urologie” Journal confirms the benefits provided by Lycopene. According to the research, investigators from Bonn University (Germany) affirm that the regular consumption of tomato, and therefore of the mentioned element, protects against benign hyperplasia and prostate diseases.

The combination of both elements makes Prostacet the ideal treatment not only to support the male gland health but also to promote the wellness of the entire reproductive system.

Identifying the most common symptoms of prostatitis

Prostatitis causes prolonged pain and urinary symptoms. It mainly involves the male gland and components of the genital area and the urinary tract. It can appear because of many factors, including a past bacterial infection and irritation caused by imprisonment of urine flowing into the prostate. Additional aspects that trigger the ailment involve inflammation triggered by chemical compounds, health issues with the pelvic muscle and parasites.

The most common symptoms of this disease comprise blood in semen or the urine, pain in the genital area or the lumbar area, and problems to urinate. Prostacet formula works over all the mentioned manifestations. It is recommended to take two capsules of the product with a glass of water on a daily basis. If the signs are too intense, the dose can be increased to four capsules per day. Order your supplement form the Prostacet official website and avoid scams, obtain the healing and recovery you need.