Bacterial prostatitis – how to avoid it

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a medical condition that commonly affects men between 40 to 60 years of age. Patients who contract this ailment have problems urinating or completely emptying their bladder. Although many medical treatments are currently used to treat this illness, recent research has shown that regular intake of chemically-based medicine might do more harm than good to the prostate. As a result, natural dietary supplements like Prostacet UK have become healthier alternatives to modern medicine drugs.

Bacterial prostatitis

Symptoms of bacterial prostatitis

The first sign of suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP) is the recurrence of urinary infections. Most men who encounter this problem feel the constant urge to urinate, when in fact they have just a few drops of urine to spare. The patients talk about relentless pain and discomfort. More than that, few of them can enjoy a normal sexual life. These factors put the sufferer in a continuous bad mood that affects his lifestyle and his personal relationship.

How is CBP diagnosed?

Patients receive the CBP diagnose after extensive medical tests that include rectal exams, urine samples and semen examinations. All of these medical procedures are meant to eliminate other possible conditions from the final diagnose and conclude on the possible treatment. Further tests might include tumor markers and prostate cancer analysis, as well.

Once a patient is diagnosed with severe prostatic inflammation and the root of its bacterial infection is found, the doctors evaluate the overall medical condition of the patient to determine the proper medication. In most cases, the treatment includes a strong dietary supplement like Prostacet UK, which eliminates nutrient deficiency and accelerates the recovery process of the prostate.

The best treatment for prostatitis

In the past decades, modern medicine has used antibiotics to cure chronic bacterial prostatitis. However, recent medical research has shed light on the impact that these chemicals have on the human body. Besides the curing effect provided by antibiotic medicine there are certain side effects that could complicate the medical condition of the patient. Among these negative consequences are internal bleeding, bladder infections and stomach aches.

Fortunately, doctors have come up with a healthy solution to treat CBP: the combination of mild antibiotics with saw palmetto extract and natural extracts from plants and herbs. It seems that this mix eliminates the bacteria and restores the normal functions of the prostate. Therefore, the best treatment for prostatitis is a regular intake of antibiotic medicine and Prostacet UK – a dietary supplement that contains a high amount of saw palmetto extract, lycopene and vitamins.

Long term prevention for CBP

Doctors recommend that antibiotics should only be taken as a remedial method against CBP for as long as the bacterial infection is present. Once this threat is removed, any further use of antibiotic medicine may have a negative impact on your health.

To ensure future protection against bacterial prostatitis without taking antibiotics, you should continue to take Prostacet UK on a regular basis. This food supplement contains natural ingredients that are easily absorbed by your body, and which have no adverse side effects on your health. On the contrary, daily intake of this remedy will maintain your prostate healthy and less prone to future infections.