How to prevent prostate enlargement naturally

Prostate enlargement – frequently known as benign prostatic hyperplasia – is a common problem for most men older than fifty years of age. Some men with this condition may also be affected by cancer. Therefore it is important to prevent this ailment, the best natural way to do that is provided by Prostacet. This high quality supplement is formulated with the most effective ingredients extracted from nature.

Natural remedies to prevent prostate enlargement

To prevent a condition it is important to know what triggers its occurrence. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is caused by an accumulation of a male sexual hormone – testosterone – in the prostate. Once this hormone enters inside the organ, it is transformed into a more powerful compound, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which encourages an excessive multiplication of cells producing an enhancement of the size of the gland.

The factors that have an incidence on this problem include age, chronic or poorly healed venereal diseases, and the excessive intake of drugs and alcohol. Sitting for too long while working also rises the chances for the emergence of this ailment. The symptoms for this condition include a frequent need to urinate, a weak urine flow and small drops of blood in urine.

Serenoa repens is among the top natural remedies with the best healing properties for any prostatic problem. This herb inhibits the production of DHT, thereby preventing or slowing the growth of the male gland. It also prevents the entrance of DHT inside the nucleus of cells. This plant reduces significantly the inflammation. Because of its qualities, it was selected as the main active ingredient for the natural treatment Prostacet.

Lycopene is a carotenoid and natural pigment produced by a variety of plants and fruits like tomatoes. It inhibits the in vitro expression of the androgen receptor in prostate cancer cells and, like some of its metabolites, decreases the cell proliferation that leads to prostate enlargement and cancer. It also modulates the evolution of the cell cycle. It can also affect the intracellular pathway of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) in cancer cells.

In a variety of clinical studies it was found that this compound can produce chemopreventive effects in prostate, skin, lung and liver cancer. The FDA has classified this element in the category of substances generally recognized as safe (GRAS). This is another active component of Prostacet supplement, which is combined with additional herbal constituents to create an effective blend to prevent a wide variety of problems of the male gland. Echinacea is another ingredient of Prostacet, and it has been selected because of its high content of polysaccharides responsible for its anti-inflammatory and anti-edema properties.

A natural treatment that supports prostate health

Prostacet works reducing significantly the size of the prostate and preserving it in a healthy state. It combines high quality ingredients which have undergone very strict safety control tests before being used to produce this safe and effective natural remedy. In addition to the main active component, Serenoa repens, it also includes elements like zinc, selenium, curcumin, vitamin E, parsley and cayenne pepper, among others. As a consequence, this supplement will nourish the cells of prostate gland.

Any condition that affects this organ can have negative effects on individual’s social life, preventing him from assisting to parties, family meetings or any public activity. The constant urge to urinate frequently can cause difficulty to rest and can be both embarrassing and annoying. If you want to recover your life and heal your reproductive system, Prostacet is your best choice. This natural supplement can be acquired from the official website and it can be shipped to any part of the world.